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UNIQUE system

NANODRON® was designed so that the air inlet & outlet are far apart. This prevents air turbulence and ensures the air inlet and outlet are designed as efficiently as possible. The purified air in the room is distributed evenly.

The cleaned air is released near the ground. EA balanced feel-good temperature is created throughout the room, natural air circulation and an even room climate.


Pre-filtration of air from coarse dust, fibers and insects. The pre-filter consists of a metal sieve and can be easily washed out with running water. It is recommended to wash out the pre-filter every 14 days. If there is heavy use, for example in trades, this can be done more often.

Ionization area

Polluted air flows through the ionization area, where the particles become negatively charged. Extended residence time of the particles in the ionization field. 

Electrostatic metal filter

Antibacterial cleaning and disinfection takes place in the electrostatic metal filter. The negatively charged particles flow through four separate tubes and precipitate in the electrostatic field on the positively charged collecting plate. At this stage, all particles up to one nanometer are absorbed and neutralized. The filter is made of wear-free, high-alloy steel.

The electronic filter is changed every 6 to 12 months and cleaned in an ultrasonic bath. There are no mountains of waste like with normal HEPA filter systems.

High voltage generator

The high-voltage generator supplies the electronic filter with the required current.
Due to the extremely low current intensity, the power consumption is very low and the
Voltage harmless to humans. The high voltage generator has an integrated
Ion separator that eliminates excessive ion concentration.

Radial fan

The four-stage radial fan ensures an optimal volume of purified air with the lowest power consumption in each operating mode of the air purifier (15-40W). In addition, the Nanodron® is extremely quiet at 29 dB in the first level and can also be operated while you sleep. In performance level 4, the Nanodron® achieves a volume output of 241 m³/h.

Carbon filter

The carbon filter absorbs harmful gases and eliminates all unpleasant odors. The carbon filter is changed once a year.

Air intake

Air outlet

extremely quiet and sustainable

highly efficient and comprehensive elimination of ultra-fine dirt particles

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